I am all Inclusive Tee

" If one person sees the message on this shirt and feels comforted, then our efforts have been worth it."
Erica Carroll

The statement “I am all Inclusive” takes courage to declare.

It takes courage to be open to the experience of another being on this planet. It takes courage to not let ignorance create a fear but rather a kind curiosity that compels one to want to understand more, to bring one closer to learning the richness of our differences instead of seeing it as a reason to divide us.  It takes compassion to see from another's perspective and it takes a lot of love to accept that other beings are entitled to beliefs that differ from one's own.

It is a basic need of all beings to belong and to feel secure within that space, to be accepted and loved. 

The idea behind this design stemmed from the desire to send a message to anyone who has sought connection only to find segregation. To allow the wearer to express to those around them that whatever abilities, colours, beliefs, species, spectrums, beings, classes, identities, generations, measurements, or heartbeats…I accept you and you are safe with me. To spread a vibration that includes rather than excludes; to remind us that we are all sentient beings and every heartbeat is equal.


ABOUT BRIGHT FAITH DESIGNS: These bosom buddies originate from the islands of British Columbia but make beautiful Vancouver their home. Krista McKeachie is known by her peers to be a superhero and Erica Carroll (Hannah on Supernatural and Dottie on When Calls the Heart) hopes to play one on TV in her career as a professional "dresser upper". Bright Faith was birthed in 2011 over tea and dark chocolate.

Partial proceeds from the sales of the shirts goes to Trigeminal Neuraglia (TN) awareness. 

Mural Art: Sandy & Steve Pell

Mural Art: Sandy & Steve Pell

I am all inclusive tee